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We are not your traditional recruitment firm. Our founding team has deep blockchain and startup expertise as well as proven sales and recruitment knowledge. We understand the technology and the people side of your business. We work closely with you to understand your strategic goals to find the best people in the market.

Kieran Parker-Moroney

As a type 1 diabetic Kieran has depended on and had a great deal of appreciation for technology. After graduating university Kieran worked in the city as a dry-cargo commodities broker, learning more about global trade and financial markets. In 2015 he set up his own property development company to exercise his creativity whilst also working on an advisory & consultancy basis for specialist firms in the UK. Kieran has always had an interest in tech and came across Bitcoin, and later blockchain, in 2011. It took till 2014 for him to invest, and he continues to do so. Since 2016 he and Alex have been discussing ways they can help the industry. With his background he has a keen understanding of how blockchain technology can help the shipping and property industries amongst many others. Kieran cares about people and knows how hard it is to find the right fit. Kieran knew the best way he could help the industry was to bring the right people and skills into the sector.

Alexander Beasant

Alex has a background in investment and valuation advisory before founding the Incubator for Deloitte’s Venture capital arm in the UK’s Financial Advisory business. His passion for blockchain led to him starting a blockchain working group at Deloitte which  explores start-up partnerships as well as building new blockchain specific use cases in the market focused on financial services.
He is an active mentor and has been involved in providing blockchain advice to startups for the first blockchain incubator in the UK as well as working with leading academic institutions. Outside of work, Alex has been an active investor in blockchain startups and digital assets such as bitcoin since early 2016. He has a large network of many of the most exciting projects and investors in the market cultivated over the last 4+ years. Alex works as an adviser for the firm bringing his expert knowledge of developing early stage companies and his passion and connections within the blockchain market.

Matteo Dix

Matteo is a technology recruitment leader with deep expertise in the fields of executive level business development, enterprise account management and candidate selection. Prior to advising Blockchain Recruit, Matteo spent 7 years with an international fintech recruitment firm, most recently establishing and running their NYC operations after successful stints in London and Chicago. Matteo brings a wealth of 360 degree recruitment and executive stakeholder engagement expertise to the team, and a track record of servicing a client portfolio ranging from early-stage start-ups to global Fortune 500 companies.


We care deeply about finding the best fit for you, both in skill and culture.

Transparency, dedication and full commitment in everything we do.

Our desire is to help the industry grow and to attract the best people globally and find them rewarding careers.

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