Use-cases for Blockchain

Where are we now? A fundamental key to grasping any technology is its real-world application. Try explaining any abstract concept to most people and they may, on some level, understand, but when you give real-world examples- that is when the lightbulb usually switches on. We do not mean this to be an exhaustive list, norContinue reading “Use-cases for Blockchain”

How is a blockchain an improvement from current options?

One question we are consistently asked is “How is a blockchain better than the current options?”. For people coming to grips with the technology this is a key component to understanding why a blockchain can be useful. The short answer we usually give is – it all depends on what you are attempting to do.Continue reading “How is a blockchain an improvement from current options?”

Favourite resources to learn about Blockchain

We are always learning, education is one of our favourite things at Blockchain Recruit. There are so many incredible resources out there to learn more about the technology- whether you are just at the beginning of your journey or a seasoned veteran. From podcasts, books & journals to Youtube videos and more, the options canContinue reading “Favourite resources to learn about Blockchain”